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At Rainhurst, we relentlessly pursue perfection, which has resulted in dozens of critically acclaimed products and services.
Year after year, Rainhurst is named one of the most powerful technology companies in North America.
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Rainhurst Solar

Rainhurst combines photovoltaic technologies with thermal solar tech in an innovative power solution suitable for sunny regions. Also available in photovoltaic-only for areas where thermal concentrating towers are unsightly or otherwise inappropriate.

Rainhurst Tidal

Harness the awesome power of the sea with Rainhurst Tidal. Sea gates close to trap water during high tide. When the tide recedes, seawater is directed through turbines to generate electricity. Rainhurst Tidal operates much like a traditional hydroelectric plant, and is appropriate for virtually all coastal cities.

Rainhurst Wind

Our wind solutions combine traditional turbine technology with integrated battery storage. A smooth handoff between turbine-to-grid operation and battery-to-grid mode provides reliable power even when the wind stops*.

*In controlled test conditions Rainhurst Wind can operate at optimal power output for aproximately 9 hours in battery-to-grid mode.